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My Family Law Attorney 

took care of me

so I could focus on what

matters most -

taking care of my child.


Access to justice in our world is difficult for so many. There is a crushing demand for Family

Law services for low-income families living below the poverty level. Without legal support for critical custody issues, families are torn apart, children are devastated and our entire community is weakened.


That’s why the Dauphin County Bar Foundation’s “We Care About Children Campaign” is so vital. Since 2010, DCBF has funded the Family Law Attorney at the Harrisburg MidPenn office exclusively to help low-income families and children in Dauphin County.


This project provides local families with nowhere else to turn a way to access the court system for a peaceful, fair and orderly resolution. Knowing they have a partner advocating for them can alleviate their moments of deep despair - and provide hope in the place of fear.

About Us


Safe Homes


Home shouldn’t be a battlefield. A custody order reduces friction that can lead to domestic violence and deep emotional distress for children.

Stable Families


 A safe home is a stable home. An orderly custody resolution provides a clear road map for families, with a court order that clearly defines rights and  responsibilities.

Solid Communities


Peaceful resolutions to these problems have such ripple effects. Kids stay in school, reducing community resources spent on troubled youth.

Efficient Resolution


Courts operate more efficiently when family law litigants have advice of legal counsel.  90% of these cases settle without going to trial.

Locally Focused


The program addresses a core community need and shows that lawyers and business leaders care about their community.  

Economic Impact


Workplace loss of productivity, emotional stress and absenteeism due to disruptions over custody is reduced or eliminated. 

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Cases Closed


Families Helped


Average Per-Case Cost

*Since December 2010


We Care About Children
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My Family Law Attorney helped me trade fear for hope and

gave me my sons back. 


“This program has proven to be an overwhelming success and of great assistance to the Court and the community in resolving custody disputes.”

Hon. Richard A. Lewis, President Judge, Dauphin County

“First National Bank (formerly Metro Bank) is proud to be a leading donor of this Dauphin County Bar Foundation effort. Stable families make for stable communities. As a community bank, we understand the importance of supporting this cause.”

Former First National Bank Chairman, President and CEO Gary Nalbandian

Recipient of the Louis J. Goffman Award which honors commitments to pro bono legal services that make a critical difference in the lives of those disadvantaged Pennsylvania residents in need of legal representation.

Pennsylvania Bar Foundation

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Dauphin County Bar Foundation

Kim Snell-Zarcone, Esquire

DCBA Director of Legal & Community Services or 717.232.7536, ext. 7

Dauphin County Bar Association

Patrice Merzanis, DCBA Executive Director or 717.232.7536., ext. 6

Dauphin County Bar Foundation

213 North Front Street

Harrisburg, PA 17101

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