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Family Law Attorney

Lyndsay Conforto ​

Lyndsay joined the team as the Family Law Attorney on November 15, 2015. Her passion for Family Law started at an early age, as she navigated the challenges of growing up in a single parent home having little contact with her dad. Lyndsay made her elementary school wish come true and graduated near the top of her class at Dickinson School of Law with a focus on public interest law. 


Sensitive to the importance of staying in touch with both parents, Lyndsay is committed to the holistic well-being for the families she serves. "There is a social worker aspect to my job - I understand that many clients need extra help, and do the best I can to help them find answers. Everyone does better when they have a clear road map to follow.”


For Lyndsay, this is more than a job, it's a lifestyle. In addition to her cases, Lyndsay is actively involved in the monthly custody clinics sponsored by the Dauphin County Bar Association where she and other attorneys volunteer their time to assist with paperwork and filings, provide advice and participate in mock custody hearings. She has also presented at Hamilton Health Center, an 8-week program focused on fathers' custody rights and support issues. 


"I simply want help as many families as I can, and find solutions so both the children and the parents can be happy and safe. "

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